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Why Marriages End and What You Can Do To Keep Yours Alive

When I found out that Tiger Woods had been cheating on his blonde bombshell-of-a-wife with about fifty different women, I was flabbergasted. He had a great career, lots of money, and a hot wife, so why would he do something so stupid? The simple truth is that there are several reasons why marriages fail; being aware of the most common reasons for divorce can help couples alleviate problems in their marriages and help prevent divorce in the future.

1. Infidelity

Cheating seems like the most common reason for divorce, due largely in part to the media. Athletes, singers, politicians, and other “celebrities” are often in the spotlight because of their infidelity; in some cases, this cheating involves multiple people and is usually quite scandalous, garnering worldwide attention and often wrecking their personal and professional lives. But infidelity isn’t just reserved for those in the limelight – it’s a situation that arises in the marriages of normal people, too. Infidelity is different from the other reasons on this list primarily because it’s usually caused by other issues. As a matter of fact, it may occur because of…

2. Communication

Communication is often the glue that holds a marriage together. If two people are in-tune with each other’s feelings, opinions, and values, then it’s a great benefit to their relationship. Generally, this means that they actually have to speak honestly and openly with each other, and although it may seem difficult to do this amidst jobs, children, and other obligations, it’s an important component to any relationship. If two people don’t openly express their feelings or concerns, then there’s no way to work together to help or fix them. Talk about sex. Tell your partner if you feel emotionally or mentally unfulfilled. If you need attention, ask for it. Two people get married because they communicate that they love each other and want to make their love official…so this is a great place to start.

3. Money

Money is one factor that heavily influences the stability and solidity of marriages. Money is nice to have, and it’s a great way to show how much you really care, but money (or lack thereof) often tears people apart. Lay-offs, medical bills, children and even basic household bills can be burdensome and can cause stress for couples. Poverty and the struggles that correspond with it can test marriages, but communication and mutual compromise can help a relationship survive amidst difficult financial times.

4. Priorities

With careers, social obligations, and families to care for, it can be hard to find quality time to spend with your spouse, yet the livelihood of your relationship depends on it. By taking time out of your busy lives to spend quality time together, marriage satisfaction can be greatly improved. Don’t hesitate to schedule date nights or plan events with your spouse to make sure they’re not missed.

Although marriage may have its ups and downs, it usually pays off in the long run. Understanding the primary concerns that often arise in marriage is the first step in preventing and overcoming them.